Winter Makes Me Nostalgic

The sun’s angle creates a dimness to my eye

A pink hue paints the sky

The snow glistens in Winter’s obscurity

Causing the cold to permeate the darkness with an odd security

On the snow covered fields, small animals prance

Leafless trees are almost transparent at first glance

The white in the darkness blankets the landscape

Nostalgia emerges among the cold, crisp air to take shape.


Alone in the wilderness

Powdered sugar snow blankets the evergreen covered mountains. 

Soft, fluffy, emerald

You could get lost

Pleading with nature for much needed sustenance

Standing on a makeshift pier; homemade line out

You are silhouetted by the vast pristine scene

The world above is mirrored below on crystal glass. 

Peaks of mountains rise above and fall below

This vision belongs in museum

Yet there is no one here to witness 

Blue skies go on forever.

The beauty comforts in this solitude 

At dusk the blue is replaced by sprinkles filling the skies 

The air shrinks and chills the bones

A  howl from neighbors send the chills to the soul