The alarm sounds

I want to ignore it, but I don’t

The coffee pot chimes to me

I can’t ignore, and I don’t

The cold air envelopes my wet body

I want to hide from it, but I don’t

The arctic winds slap my face

I want to give in, but don’t

The commuter train chauffeurs me

I want to run from it, but I don’t

The office houses me for 7 hours

I want to escape it, but I don’t

The chores burden me every night

I want to neglect them, but I don’t

I crawl back into the comfort of my bed

Satisfied I pushed through this day

Ready to do it all again




The Ride Home, a poem

Where do you go to think?

Reminisce, regret, and rejoice?

We ponder adventures and question those not taken.

It’s the place to consider beginnings,

But also judge the finales.

What if’s are asked

Maybe I should’s are questioned

Mental reprises trouble us.

Melodies, choruses, and chatter flow from the speakers.

I enjoy the solitude amongst the four doors.

Often alone, but at times in Company.

The small metal chamber is a necessity,

But oh how I need the therapy of the ride home.

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Grand ballerinas across the stage of their audience

Regal football players as they out maneuver the opponent

A mother’s attention to her prodigy’s radiance

Curtain calls on the operatic melodies

Effervescent snowflakes dancing in a moment

Featherweight champions shimmy on the gradient

Under the umbrella sheltered from the bouquet’s drink

Loving attention to her patriarch at the brink

SOL Day 25; Note to Self.

Smile and learn to permit it

Don’t take things so seriously

Remember a lot of times it’s just not worth it

Pursue what you love rigorously

Fulfilled desires cultivates joy

Avoid that which you will regret

Times to recharge you must employ

Embrace it; it’s not a guilt beset

For if you follow these considerations

Granted to you will be unlimited commendations