Winter morning

morning greets me with a pink smear across the sky

As the sun glows on the horizon

Golden hues

pale blues

Slate grays

Are all added to the canvas

The winter tree tops appear as foggy ghosts, blurring the landscape

In the chilly air, I feel the presence of love

It fills the emptiness in my heart


Winter Makes Me Nostalgic

The sun’s angle creates a dimness to my eye

A pink hue paints the sky

The snow glistens in Winter’s obscurity

Causing the cold to permeate the darkness with an odd security

On the snow covered fields, small animals prance

Leafless trees are almost transparent at first glance

The white in the darkness blankets the landscape

Nostalgia emerges among the cold, crisp air to take shape.

Morning Commute

The shadow overtakes the foliage like a painter’s brush blotting the darker hues in the pallet.

Blots of deep green run across the leaves as they reach for the train.

The train is an infant’s mother. Rocking and rocking.

Heads bob along.

The loud hums of the engine drown out the sounds of the city.

My eyes scan the the storefronts, the outdoor cafes, the strollers and dog walkers.

What is on their agenda for the day?

With whom are they meeting?

Are they strolling through this autumn day or following a daily routine.

Music plays through my earbuds

Thoughts of daily deadlines swirl through my mind.

The announcement reminds me of my approaching destination.

My day begins as I long await another unraveling story during my evening commute.

Sun’s Blush

Spring mornings, the sun blushes

The sky fills with her pink shimmer

She is Mother Nature’s beginner

Not only does she signal the start of my day

But also she announces the Earth to awaken

The tips of the branches have undertaken

The soil can no longer hold back the sprouts

However there remains some holdouts

They know Mother Nature changes her mind

In April she is temperamental

Yet this early Spring tease is transcendental


Opportunity stretches

between the ages and beyond

A Centerpiece

An Ambassador

A Student

of life

no restrictions to their encounters

Their heritage fosters memories

A lifetime transforms

us all

This poem was written from a blackout poem. All words were borrowed from a magazine article.

the call of the wild

Is it the howl of a wolf?

Not all the time

Today it was a summer morning concert

melodic music filled the air

The cardinals sang from the trees

A chorus of song filled the newly beginning day

Is it a sound?

Not all the time

At dawn, it was the sunlight spreading across the land

The alarm for all of nature

Wake up, fly through the air, begin your day

Can we feel it?


A soft breeze gently pushes the leaves into dancing waves

Gentle heat from the sun kisses my cheeks and all of my skin

My nose is tickled by the pollen in the summer air

Greetings from the wild

Enjoy the wild

Relish in its gifts to us all