The wounds are tender

Daily life wears away at the scars on my heart

Memories of you help me heal

But through salty tears

They sting

Memories also make the sting burn more

All the firsts without you are especially painful

Will the hurt lessen as time passes?

Is this pain the price I pay for you gracing my life?

They say we cannot embrace our blessings

Without heartaches

Grief; it is devastating

But I wouldn’t give it up

If I had to trade away my life with you.


Winter morning

morning greets me with a pink smear across the sky

As the sun glows on the horizon

Golden hues

pale blues

Slate grays

Are all added to the canvas

The winter tree tops appear as foggy ghosts, blurring the landscape

In the chilly air, I feel the presence of love

It fills the emptiness in my heart

Chapter 2023

Turn the page on your next chapter

Don’t change; evolve

Crawl out of your personal sludge

If tears are shed, turn another page

Relish in what grows smiles

Push a boulder to close your cave

Emerge from your own shadows

Into the sunshine of chapter next

Look back only when you need to refuel

When the tank is running low, turn yet another page

Don’t let this chapter end unfinished or too soon

Zuzu’s Petals

A reminder of love when hope is lost

A childish behavior at times works our nerves

But when we need to find our way back

We long, we cry, we agonize

Lost in the darkness of our darkness

Where are Zuzu’s petals?

A journey through despair with tinges of purpose

In the end, an epiphany on life, “I want to live again!

He answers with the dried,velvety legacy in your pocket

In Memoriam of My Mother

Peonies of pink are a childhood foundation.

An angel who is not fueled by regulation

Treats and trinkets you lavished upon your every growing tribe

Remembering infinitesimal dates of others used to describe

Into generations your memory will take hold of

Children were the propeller of your love

I miss you daily while your photograph I gaze

Absence of you is my minotaur’s maze


Opportunity stretches

between the ages and beyond

A Centerpiece

An Ambassador

A Student

of life

no restrictions to their encounters

Their heritage fosters memories

A lifetime transforms

us all

This poem was written from a blackout poem. All words were borrowed from a magazine article.

An inspiration from Einstein

Some days I wonder…

Does my life cycle 

Come with one wheel?

I teeter to and fro pedaling endlessly

The rocky road pushes me off my bike

My race up the mountain is treacherous

The finish line often ends in the valley

The days my journey’s end is unobtainable

I will remember the wise words…

Life is like riding a bicycle. 

To keep your balance, 

You must keep moving

I remount and head for that mountain pedaling to keep my balance.

Me in a poem

Routine Queen; helps me function

Cat lover; his soft snuggles are unconditional

Mom; longed to be; an eye blink later 10 years in

Poetry lover; newly discovered passion

Runner; my way of staying fit and sane

Teacher: longed to be; now 20 years in

Friend; few, but cherished

Writer; didn’t know it was in me until recently bloomed

Sister; few by choice, but cherished

Wife; one of life’s accomplishments: 16 years in

Binger; Netflix, Prime, Hulu, on demand

Daughter; grateful for many gifts

Survivor; breast cancer warrior

Homebody; now being truly challenged


Inspiration from Day 23 SOL challenge





Dear Daughter

Dear Daughter,

Do you know how proud of you I am?

I try to tell you as often as I can.

You’re too humble and insist I stop.

I’d like to shout your honors from the hill tops.

I delighted in all your firsts:

steps, words, smiles, life’s thirsts.

I cheered at your concerts.

We rewarded you with desserts

I look back with boast;

looking onward to all the toasts.

All the heartaches broke me too.

But I had confidence you’d make it through.

Do you understand how proud of you I am ?

I will never stop; no way my little lamb.