The wounds are tender

Daily life wears away at the scars on my heart

Memories of you help me heal

But through salty tears

They sting

Memories also make the sting burn more

All the firsts without you are especially painful

Will the hurt lessen as time passes?

Is this pain the price I pay for you gracing my life?

They say we cannot embrace our blessings

Without heartaches

Grief; it is devastating

But I wouldn’t give it up

If I had to trade away my life with you.


Morning Commute

The shadow overtakes the foliage like a painter’s brush blotting the darker hues in the pallet.

Blots of deep green run across the leaves as they reach for the train.

The train is an infant’s mother. Rocking and rocking.

Heads bob along.

The loud hums of the engine drown out the sounds of the city.

My eyes scan the the storefronts, the outdoor cafes, the strollers and dog walkers.

What is on their agenda for the day?

With whom are they meeting?

Are they strolling through this autumn day or following a daily routine.

Music plays through my earbuds

Thoughts of daily deadlines swirl through my mind.

The announcement reminds me of my approaching destination.

My day begins as I long await another unraveling story during my evening commute.

Line lifted: “she heard the whir of parrot wings” by Margarita Engle

We fight on…

50 years have been erased as some try to cancel “she

Will WE ever again be heard?

Yes! Our fight has been renewed, the

Message of our inequality will whir

Over and over, travel east to west, the sound of

Our voices will resemble a parrot

Our strength will give power to our traveling wings

Sun’s Blush

Spring mornings, the sun blushes

The sky fills with her pink shimmer

She is Mother Nature’s beginner

Not only does she signal the start of my day

But also she announces the Earth to awaken

The tips of the branches have undertaken

The soil can no longer hold back the sprouts

However there remains some holdouts

They know Mother Nature changes her mind

In April she is temperamental

Yet this early Spring tease is transcendental

She looks up from the remains

She looks and she mourns

They are cherished and shared

Hauntingly, they hold her back

This ending opens the door

To a new beginning

The smiles are afraid to run across, they crawl

She doesn’t have to forget

All won’t be lost

The remains remain

Within her heart

There is room for more.

SOL Day 22: a little poetry in the classroom

The news was proposed

I was overjoyed; I clapped

They frowned and moaned

Promises and deals were counterattacked

They scowled and protested

I reassured fun will be had

They doubted and rejected

It really won’t be that bad

I had some allies

They made me smile

They gave me rise

We will go the mile

The month will be spent

I know they’ll be content

On all things poetry

In all of April, solely