April Fools

It’s April, you can wear your new Spring outfit and shoes. It’s only 25 degrees.

April Fools

Back to school kid. Your Spring Break is over in a breeze.

April Fools

Monday morning coffee is a must. The husband unplugged the pot to use the toaster.

April Fools

Put the phone on the charger; charger wires are torn, so not kosher.

April Fools

Collect weekend homework to finish up quarter grades. Half of them didn’t submit.

April Fools

Today are Spring pictures. No one mentioned the spot on the dress last time she wore it.

April Fools

Glad I made today’s copies last week; copied the wrong bunch.

April Fools

Yummy leftovers today; grabbed the wrong lunch.

April Fools

It’s been a long day; can’t wait to get home. She has after school club.

April Fools

I’m so hungry after missing lunch.  Tonight is league night; he made no grub.

April Fools

What a foolish day this has been.

Can’t wait for the 2nd to begin.


Ode to the Sun

The sun reminds me of childhood blissfulness.

A particular moment is not conjured, rather the nirvana of my youth.

As the dawn arrives, the sun paints the sky pale pinks mixed with powder blues and I am transported.

It’s cloudy in my mind’s eye; the glisten through the branches and leaves brings me to memories so long ago.

Yet not to a time rather a euphoria.

The nourishing warmth of the summer sunlight enjoying games on the front sidewalk.

The scarlet cardinals hiding amongst the branches serenade me as the sun is my spotlight.

Riding my bicycle to meet my friends was a juvenescent paradise.

Gone after an early breakfast not to return until midday.

This magical sun holds the power of time travel that I cherish.


Inspired by 2019 Slice of life; writing about memories.

SOL Day 25; Note to Self.

Smile and learn to permit it

Don’t take things so seriously

Remember a lot of times it’s just not worth it

Pursue what you love rigorously

Fulfilled desires cultivates joy

Avoid that which you will regret

Times to recharge you must employ

Embrace it; it’s not a guilt beset

For if you follow these considerations

Granted to you will be unlimited commendations

SOL Day 22: a little poetry in the classroom

The news was proposed

I was overjoyed; I clapped

They frowned and moaned

Promises and deals were counterattacked

They scowled and protested

I reassured fun will be had

They doubted and rejected

It really won’t be that bad

I had some allies

They made me smile

They gave me rise

We will go the mile

The month will be spent

I know they’ll be content

On all things poetry

In all of April, solely

SOL Day 17; things I have noticed

The blanketing warmth of the sun; it stands higher in the sky.

The much anticipated longer afternoons; I’ve been rejuvenated.

The melodious birdsong of the cardinals; they are serenading Spring.

Mr. Robin Red Breast has returned to my lawn; he searches for a meal.

Her labored swallowing and glowing nose; she’s getting sick.

The droppiness of her big, beautiful eyes; she needs to get some rest.

His nails glidding across the linoleum; he needs his nails clipped.

A clump of his hair after I just finished vacuuming; his spring molting has begun.

The snow has vanished; stubby, brave sprouts have popped through the frozen ground.

Rivers are breeching their brims; the Spring melt is on.

TV and radio shows are preempted; Baseball takes precedence.

The hats and jersey’s are donned; Opening Day is near.

What I have noticed, Spring is here!