Dark gray afternoons

Bitter winds slap at my face

Tender flakes sprinkle my lawn

Twinkling lights tease the holidays

The new year promises new hope


Holiday Innocence Lost

Santa will come no more.

Not in the form of a jolly ol’ elf.

Her innocence will be replaced with a greater devotion.

It won’t be about what I want.

Rather about how much will my heart hold and bestow unto others.

Don’t fret at the childhood sacrifice.

Rejoice at the maturity of compassion.

Why I love Autumn

The pallet of reds, yellows, and oranges.

Reds I adore and treasure.

Sunlight begins to become foreign,

Yet continues her fight to be pleasured.

The air carries a calmness.

The rustle of nature’s wind chime

on the golden leaves is flawless.

Soothes me into the autumnal meantime.

The hues are reminiscent of the eternal goodnight,

Yet enticing and bring me delight.

The late summer walk

My view is muted to behold the black and white of late summer.

No white exists; green is the black.

Bright summer colors fall between the contrast of the summer’s eternal green.

No whites are detected, only a pop of pale pink, rich purple, and deep yellow.

The warm breeze has a cool shadow that whispers, “Autumn is on its way.”

The winds replaced the jovial children and perpetual waves.

A wind chime clangs to break through the strong breeze’s secrets.

A few leaves fall and dance across my path foreshadowing what is near.