I Remember…

I remember breezy early summer mornings; the bright seasonal sun shining through the leaves on the front sidewalk.

I remember the smell of the fresh paint of our Raggedy Ann and Andy themed room. Blue, red, white.

I remember waking for a middle of the night snack of mom’s fried chicken; two thieves in the night.

I remember family t.v. night crammed together on the back porch; sitting on the circular rainbow colored rug hugged by Nana’s crocheted blanket.

I remember the white bread sandwiches cut into triangles I ate in grampa’s kitchen for the last time; the rest of the family was attending his funeral.  

I remember sitting in the wood paneled station wagon for what seemed like an eternity as my parents bought our new home; bigger yard, better neighborhood, fresh start. 

I remember the first day at my new school, powder blue pleated skirt and nylons; a 4th grader teased me.

I remember the end of the summer block party where we met friends with whom we’d share years of childhood memories.

I remember graduations with new dresses, new shoes and tassels dangling in my face. 

I remember the tearful goodbye as I embarked into adulthood at the university.

I remember an entire new set of memories; new friends, drinks, parties, laughter and tears.

20 years remembered in a mere page.



Summer has arrived

We’ve longed for you.

Have you arrived yet?

It’s not your steaming heat

It’s the luminescence of your sun

I haven’t anticipated the lush leaves,

It is the twinkling shadows I admire

While the blooming flowers bring me Joy,

The pallet of colors really creates the season.

Some may complain about the noise,

But the children’s laughs and the birds’ songs are the music I cherish.

A late spring snow storm

A Spring stroll reveals so many secrets

The shrunken shadows no longer freeze

The sun has reached new steepness

The cool air makes way for the warm breeze

A midwest snow storm has a quick deadline

The snow tries to hide amongst the shortened shadows

The powdery blanket and the scent of pine;

The trick they play on me will soon expose

That the bright, yellow rays give up the secret

The rebirth of green is glorious

It is not only Godly, but secular in its reoccurring sequence

The green bunches of long leaves are victorious

As they burst through the dark, wet dirt

A serenade of thumping woodpeckers

As well as Chirping  Peepers give way to a concert

One season has moved aside unwillingly

The following will appear capriciously




Poetry Month Poems

Every year in my classroom, I celebrate poetry month with a month long poetry unit. This year, we are also planning a poetry slam.  Here are some poems inspired by the slam, my students and the beautiful Spring weather.


Welcome to our first annual

And hopefully not our final

P@rt*ge P%#k Poetry Slam!

What is a slam? Is there a manual?

It is a showcase; a kind of revival.

Us Panthers are wordsmiths here at a jam.


We’ve come together to celebrate.

To share and perform, the poems we create.

Let’s think of it as a new Panther exam.


Our newly achieved art status took many hours.

Our school has many talents here to shower.

But we also are Panthers with powers;

Patient and


Respectful and


But today especially Brave and Kind overpowers.


Some of us our roses who grew from concrete.

Others are patient scavengers waiting their turn.

In our classrooms weeks we’ve worked to compete.

Here and now accolades you’ve earned.


As they like to say, “Put your hands together.”

Make them cram and slam.

For your fellow Panthers and all of their jams.

For our first annual Poetry Slam!


Depressed and stressed…  you say

Wearing a mask to hide your true self…   you say

Ugly, fat, dumb, lazy…  you say

Overwhelmed, worthless, alone….  You say


Can I offer some advice?


You are not a lone satellite in space… I know


Your revolutions are on the same path as others….  I know


Your peers wear the same mask as you…  I know


Your feelings are normal, not one of a kind…  I know


Those overpowering emotions can’t be helped…  I know


It’s all a rite of passage, from little kid to adult…  I know


It’s biological and the end isn’t too far…  I know


There is a light at the end of the tunnel

Things will get better, all the bad will funnel

Your sun will rise and darkness will be muttled

All the pieces will fit into your puzzle


We’ve listened, lived, we learned.

…. We all know.


The misty fog blankets the early Spring morning

The dawn sun paints the clouds pink hues

The robins delight in their squirmy breakfast

The day awakens so bright, clear and crisp

The aroma comforts that Spring is here!

April Fools

It’s April, you can wear your new Spring outfit and shoes. It’s only 25 degrees.

April Fools

Back to school kid. Your Spring Break is over in a breeze.

April Fools

Monday morning coffee is a must. The husband unplugged the pot to use the toaster.

April Fools

Put the phone on the charger; charger wires are torn, so not kosher.

April Fools

Collect weekend homework to finish up quarter grades. Half of them didn’t submit.

April Fools

Today are Spring pictures. No one mentioned the spot on the dress last time she wore it.

April Fools

Glad I made today’s copies last week; copied the wrong bunch.

April Fools

Yummy leftovers today; grabbed the wrong lunch.

April Fools

It’s been a long day; can’t wait to get home. She has after school club.

April Fools

I’m so hungry after missing lunch.  Tonight is league night; he made no grub.

April Fools

What a foolish day this has been.

Can’t wait for the 2nd to begin.

Ode to the Sun

The sun reminds me of childhood blissfulness.

A particular moment is not conjured, rather the nirvana of my youth.

As the dawn arrives, the sun paints the sky pale pinks mixed with powder blues and I am transported.

It’s cloudy in my mind’s eye; the glisten through the branches and leaves brings me to memories so long ago.

Yet not to a time rather a euphoria.

The nourishing warmth of the summer sunlight enjoying games on the front sidewalk.

The scarlet cardinals hiding amongst the branches serenade me as the sun is my spotlight.

Riding my bicycle to meet my friends was a juvenescent paradise.

Gone after an early breakfast not to return until midday.

This magical sun holds the power of time travel that I cherish.


Inspired by 2019 Slice of life; writing about memories.

SOL Day 25; Note to Self.

Smile and learn to permit it

Don’t take things so seriously

Remember a lot of times it’s just not worth it

Pursue what you love rigorously

Fulfilled desires cultivates joy

Avoid that which you will regret

Times to recharge you must employ

Embrace it; it’s not a guilt beset

For if you follow these considerations

Granted to you will be unlimited commendations