The wounds are tender

Daily life wears away at the scars on my heart

Memories of you help me heal

But through salty tears

They sting

Memories also make the sting burn more

All the firsts without you are especially painful

Will the hurt lessen as time passes?

Is this pain the price I pay for you gracing my life?

They say we cannot embrace our blessings

Without heartaches

Grief; it is devastating

But I wouldn’t give it up

If I had to trade away my life with you.


In Memoriam

Not best friends, but friends indeed

Your kindness radiated from your smile

Never was your company shadowed in scorn

The kindness of your heart touched me

Others have made the same claim

This is a legacy you leave

to me and your children of many

I wish the last time I saw you

That I would have known

It was the last time I would see you.

I would have told you all of this.

Good bye and rest in peace.

She looks up from the remains

She looks and she mourns

They are cherished and shared

Hauntingly, they hold her back

This ending opens the door

To a new beginning

The smiles are afraid to run across, they crawl

She doesn’t have to forget

All won’t be lost

The remains remain

Within her heart

There is room for more.