In Memoriam

Not best friends, but friends indeed

Your kindness radiated from your smile

Never was your company shadowed in scorn

The kindness of your heart touched me

Others have made the same claim

This is a legacy you leave

to me and your children of many

I wish the last time I saw you

That I would have known

It was the last time I would see you.

I would have told you all of this.

Good bye and rest in peace.

Slice of Life; poetry identity.

What am I made of?

Of hard work and persistence

Of tears and laughter spent with friends and family

City apartments and suburban houses

And swimming in pools and lakes, running on trails

And machines.

Little kids and big kids

Sweat, headaches, yelling and lots of smiles

Listening and understanding

Pizza with pepperoni, pasta with a lot of cheese

Cannoli cakes for weddings and birthdays and for no reason at all

I am made of kindergarten through 8th grade math, history, and reading, drama and basketball.

An ear to listen, advice to give.

Overcoming illness that will not destroy me!

I am jokes and trust from home to Portage Park.


It came into my life; abrupt it was

No, I didn’t invite it; it must leave

It thinks it will interrupt; I’ll fight its flaws

My strength, my resolve, I believe

It will be cut off at its claws

My design will be changed

My look, my health; oh abrupt it will be

It won’t take long but I’ll have VICTORY.