Me in a poem

Routine Queen; helps me function

Cat lover; his soft snuggles are unconditional

Mom; longed to be; an eye blink later 10 years in

Poetry lover; newly discovered passion

Runner; my way of staying fit and sane

Teacher: longed to be; now 20 years in

Friend; few, but cherished

Writer; didn’t know it was in me until recently bloomed

Sister; few by choice, but cherished

Wife; one of life’s accomplishments: 16 years in

Binger; Netflix, Prime, Hulu, on demand

Daughter; grateful for many gifts

Survivor; breast cancer warrior

Homebody; now being truly challenged


Inspiration from Day 23 SOL challenge





6 thoughts on “Me in a poem

  1. I resonate with the last line. I, too, identified myself as a homebody- now I’m forced into being an ACTUAL homebody who doesn’t leave….and I have discovered I might like being around people more than I originally thought! Yikes! Wishing you well.

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  2. Oh – that last line! “Homebody – now being challenged” This is SO true! I feel as if I have been handed something I have always pleaded with the universe to give me – more time at home, and, oh my, it is so hard!! Thank you for sharing! This must be poetry Monday…I have read so many blog slices that are poems.

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  3. I like this poem! The structure of it is not complicated, yet it reveals so much. And it’s a good way to learn some things about you. Nice! 🙂 ~JudyK

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