Grand ballerinas across the stage of their audience

Regal football players as they out maneuver the opponent

A mother’s attention to her prodigy’s radiance

Curtain calls on the operatic melodies

Effervescent snowflakes dancing in a moment

Featherweight champions shimmy on the gradient

Under the umbrella sheltered from the bouquet’s drink

Loving attention to her patriarch at the brink



An ordinary morning with celebration

It wasn’t so 15 years ago

Do the commuters in the cars know?

As they drive to their destination

Today the sun shines and birds sing

Not so 15 years ago

It was a blessing rain woe

The guests proclaimed it was a thing.

There have been ups and downs we agree

Sadness and true blessings though

Sometimes why’s when we were low

Most of all, it was meant to be

Happy Anniversary!