Ode to the Sun

The sun reminds me of childhood blissfulness.

A particular moment is not conjured, rather the nirvana of my youth.

As the dawn arrives, the sun paints the sky pale pinks mixed with powder blues and I am transported.

It’s cloudy in my mind’s eye; the glisten through the branches and leaves brings me to memories so long ago.

Yet not to a time rather a euphoria.

The nourishing warmth of the summer sunlight enjoying games on the front sidewalk.

The scarlet cardinals hiding amongst the branches serenade me as the sun is my spotlight.

Riding my bicycle to meet my friends was a juvenescent paradise.

Gone after an early breakfast not to return until midday.

This magical sun holds the power of time travel that I cherish.


Inspired by 2019 Slice of life; writing about memories.

One thought on “Ode to the Sun

  1. OMG, I absolutely love this! I was going to quote my favorite part, but I kept reading and I’d have to quote the whole thing! I love all the interesting vocabulary you use. Great imagery. I felt transported back to my childhood!

    Liked by 1 person

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