SOL Day 17; things I have noticed

The blanketing warmth of the sun; it stands higher in the sky.

The much anticipated longer afternoons; I’ve been rejuvenated.

The melodious birdsong of the cardinals; they are serenading Spring.

Mr. Robin Red Breast has returned to my lawn; he searches for a meal.

Her labored swallowing and glowing nose; she’s getting sick.

The droppiness of her big, beautiful eyes; she needs to get some rest.

His nails glidding across the linoleum; he needs his nails clipped.

A clump of his hair after I just finished vacuuming; his spring molting has begun.

The snow has vanished; stubby, brave sprouts have popped through the frozen ground.

Rivers are breeching their brims; the Spring melt is on.

TV and radio shows are preempted; Baseball takes precedence.

The hats and jersey’s are donned; Opening Day is near.

What I have noticed, Spring is here!

2 thoughts on “SOL Day 17; things I have noticed

  1. Excellent poem! The poem starts with the beauty of nature in the spring and ends with baseball. I LOVED THE LINE – “Opening Day is near.” I also love the structure and flow of this poem (because as much as we love seeing the grass and birds, we also love other things, like baseball, that come with spring and nicer weather). Thank you for sharing!

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