Slice of Life; poetry identity.

What am I made of?

Of hard work and persistence

Of tears and laughter spent with friends and family

City apartments and suburban houses

And swimming in pools and lakes, running on trails

And machines.

Little kids and big kids

Sweat, headaches, yelling and lots of smiles

Listening and understanding

Pizza with pepperoni, pasta with a lot of cheese

Cannoli cakes for weddings and birthdays and for no reason at all

I am made of kindergarten through 8th grade math, history, and reading, drama and basketball.

An ear to listen, advice to give.

Overcoming illness that will not destroy me!

I am jokes and trust from home to Portage Park.

7 thoughts on “Slice of Life; poetry identity.

  1. This reminds me of a poem I had to write for my seminar called a “Where I’m From” poem. They’re really very interesting, so that people can see the many small things that make someone into who they see standing before them. Also, I LOVE cannoli cakes.

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    1. I had my 7th grade advisory students write them so we can learn about each other. I did one to model for them. I’m going to put them on a bulletin board without names and see if we can guess who is who.


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