Many ask for, beg for, weep for,

But if we listen and glance there is almost always something hiding in the open.

We ignore

We are blind and deaf

We aren’t prepared.

Why? Is it the pain we are not ready to endure?

Is is cowardice? Fear? Weakness?

It takes courage and strength to recognize.

We really don’t want

We really aren’t primed for it when we think we are.

We couldn’t handle the warnings.




Friends and Lovers

Forgiveness is sometimes impossible yet achievable.

Any kind of weather

The yearly repeated reprieves do not make us weep too long.

When your body is the cause,

it has no mercy.

It demands the fight of your life.

You treat it with compassion yet it doesn’t care.

Courage beyond words brings on the need to be a



eagerly awaiting SPRING

brown is everywhere.  many different shades.  lines everywhere.

why can’t these early spring colors match the sounds of the birds?

Robert, this hue is hard to attain.  I am impatient. I want that gold now.

I see a graveyard of brown and lines, however every once in a while a sprout of life appears.  There is hope.

small soft buds have appeared on the outstretched arms of the trees.  that makes me smile.

I cannot wait.  It seems eternal.