the call of the wild

Is it the howl of a wolf?

Not all the time

Today it was a summer morning concert

melodic music filled the air

The cardinals sang from the trees

A chorus of song filled the newly beginning day

Is it a sound?

Not all the time

At dawn, it was the sunlight spreading across the land

The alarm for all of nature

Wake up, fly through the air, begin your day

Can we feel it?


A soft breeze gently pushes the leaves into dancing waves

Gentle heat from the sun kisses my cheeks and all of my skin

My nose is tickled by the pollen in the summer air

Greetings from the wild

Enjoy the wild

Relish in its gifts to us all

Autumn is a baker

Autumn is a baker who uses sprinkles

She generously adds her vibrant touches

A spray of bright red on the top

or a smattering of yellow dripping down the sides

her arborous cupcakes come in many shapes

The maples reach up to her to receive their colorful christening

The oaks drip down with hued leaves

Our eyes delight in the transformation of seasons

It is a pleasure we embrace before the bakery is empty

Winter will soon arrive and spraypaint her colorless glitter

Did you know there are artists among the wildflowers?

Did you know there are artists among the wildflowers?

I imagine they work tirelessly through the night

Their exhibit is brief in the short dawn light

A momentary sunlit spotlight

Not many will see their work

only those who wake early like me

The dewy glitter highlights the beauty

It is a majestic masterpiece

Like fog settling down

among the Queen Anne’s Lace

Many fear these wonderous weavers

The meadow is praised all day for its colorful beauty

But don’t forget the artists among the wildflowers.

An inspiration from Einstein

Some days I wonder…

Does my life cycle 

Come with one wheel?

I teeter to and fro pedaling endlessly

The rocky road pushes me off my bike

My race up the mountain is treacherous

The finish line often ends in the valley

The days my journey’s end is unobtainable

I will remember the wise words…

Life is like riding a bicycle. 

To keep your balance, 

You must keep moving

I remount and head for that mountain pedaling to keep my balance.

Alone in the wilderness

Powdered sugar snow blankets the evergreen covered mountains. 

Soft, fluffy, emerald

You could get lost

Pleading with nature for much needed sustenance

Standing on a makeshift pier; homemade line out

You are silhouetted by the vast pristine scene

The world above is mirrored below on crystal glass. 

Peaks of mountains rise above and fall below

This vision belongs in museum

Yet there is no one here to witness 

Blue skies go on forever.

The beauty comforts in this solitude 

At dusk the blue is replaced by sprinkles filling the skies 

The air shrinks and chills the bones

A  howl from neighbors send the chills to the soul

at its mercy — The Meager Modern Mom

wistful holiday décor is no comfort with my senses heightened the hum is deafening the traumatic wait better be triumphant the cold is penetrating my soul heat forcefully blowing on my feet and neck enveloping. A cloudless winter sky, murky, dim blue craggy barren branches clawing numbing anticipation is a discomfort too often am I […]

at its mercy — The Meager Modern Mom


deep rich emerald bouquet

the chaotic shapes compose a visual melody

my eyes are drawn to you

the shadows compliment your rich hues

foliage shapes dance in a rebellious party

thin and flat

skinny and broad

tall and short

The many contrasts are married

bright lilacs rise from the greens

pale whites ring among the stalks

providing sweet feasts to hidden butterflies

and fluttering hummingbirds

thank you for your striking botanic presentation