She looks up from the remains

She looks and she mourns

They are cherished and shared

Hauntingly, they hold her back

This ending opens the door

To a new beginning

The smiles are afraid to run across, they crawl

She doesn’t have to forget

All won’t be lost

The remains remain

Within her heart

There is room for more.

I Remember…

I remember breezy early summer mornings; the bright seasonal sun shining through the leaves on the front sidewalk.

I remember the smell of the fresh paint of our Raggedy Ann and Andy themed room. Blue, red, white.

I remember waking for a middle of the night snack of mom’s fried chicken; two thieves in the night.

I remember family t.v. night crammed together on the back porch; sitting on the circular rainbow colored rug hugged by Nana’s crocheted blanket.

I remember the white bread sandwiches cut into triangles I ate in grampa’s kitchen for the last time; the rest of the family was attending his funeral.  

I remember sitting in the wood paneled station wagon for what seemed like an eternity as my parents bought our new home; bigger yard, better neighborhood, fresh start. 

I remember the first day at my new school, powder blue pleated skirt and nylons; a 4th grader teased me.

I remember the end of the summer block party where we met friends with whom we’d share years of childhood memories.

I remember graduations with new dresses, new shoes and tassels dangling in my face. 

I remember the tearful goodbye as I embarked into adulthood at the university.

I remember an entire new set of memories; new friends, drinks, parties, laughter and tears.

20 years remembered in a mere page.



chirping chipmunk

sounds like chip, chip, chip

sounds like sharp and short

sounds like right out the window

grapes, they eat

grapes, they steal

sounds like jellyfish; the sound squirms from the yard into my inner ear

disc jockey’s voice is annoying like the chipmunk chirp

sounds like an alarm clock during my summer break

my lake is their home

peanut butter can be put on a trap to catch the chipmunk

orchestra; sometimes there are so many  in the neighborhood chirping as a song

ducks add their own accompanyment to the opus from my yard

love I do not the early morning chirp of the chipmunk

Summer has arrived

We’ve longed for you.

Have you arrived yet?

It’s not your steaming heat

It’s the luminescence of your sun

I haven’t anticipated the lush leaves,

It is the twinkling shadows I admire

While the blooming flowers bring me Joy,

The pallet of colors really creates the season.

Some may complain about the noise,

But the children’s laughs and the birds’ songs are the music I cherish.


Grand ballerinas across the stage of their audience

Regal football players as they out maneuver the opponent

A mother’s attention to her prodigy’s radiance

Curtain calls on the operatic melodies

Effervescent snowflakes dancing in a moment

Featherweight champions shimmy on the gradient

Under the umbrella sheltered from the bouquet’s drink

Loving attention to her patriarch at the brink


An ordinary morning with celebration

It wasn’t so 15 years ago

Do the commuters in the cars know?

As they drive to their destination

Today the sun shines and birds sing

Not so 15 years ago

It was a blessing rain woe

The guests proclaimed it was a thing.

There have been ups and downs we agree

Sadness and true blessings though

Sometimes why’s when we were low

Most of all, it was meant to be

Happy Anniversary!

A late spring snow storm

A Spring stroll reveals so many secrets

The shrunken shadows no longer freeze

The sun has reached new steepness

The cool air makes way for the warm breeze

A midwest snow storm has a quick deadline

The snow tries to hide amongst the shortened shadows

The powdery blanket and the scent of pine;

The trick they play on me will soon expose

That the bright, yellow rays give up the secret

The rebirth of green is glorious

It is not only Godly, but secular in its reoccurring sequence

The green bunches of long leaves are victorious

As they burst through the dark, wet dirt

A serenade of thumping woodpeckers

As well as Chirping  Peepers give way to a concert

One season has moved aside unwillingly

The following will appear capriciously